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Romantic Comedy Inspired

by my son and his HS BFF

Samhain Publishing


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He knows she’s out of his reach.
​Until she reaches out to him.

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Indie Published Novels

Barbara's Alter Ego - AJ Tillock

Book Four: Niko & Lesley

Book Three: Trey & Baylee

Book Two: Ray & Hayley

4 Stars from RT Magazine!

Book One: Rick & Kaylee

​​The Braddock Brotherhood Series - Four Stand Alone Novels Connected Through The Heroes:

 A.J. Tillock is the author of The Forbidden Bean, the first in the GRINDING REALITY Series. Click the cover for more information!

Screwball Fantasy Anyone?

Recent Releases From Samhain Publishing

"This is an unexpected gem."

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Right about the time Lesley Robinson’s father’s stroke left her in charge of his Fortune 500 company, she adopted her housekeeper’s sick baby and divorced her philandering husband. She’s survived the past six years by building an impenetrable wall around her emotions. But when a hunk of a sheriff’s deputy turns up at her office to apply for a grant from the company’s foundation, her distrust of men and relationships takes a direct hit. Niko Morales clawed his way out of gang life to build a new one grounded in law enforcement and a passion to help disadvantaged youth. So, Lesley needs a companion for an upcoming social occasion? He’s no gigolo, but for his community center, and maybe for her, he’ll wear the monkey suit. Without any apparent effort at all, Niko sneaks under Lesley’s cool façade, shaking up everything she believed about herself. But when their relationship is threatened by the sins of others, they’ll both have to step up—and out of their comfort zones. Or they’ll lose the one thing they want most: each other.

What A Rich Woman Wants